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JMD Systems, Inc.  Wallace, NC

JMD Systems is a North Carolina-based company specializing in Laser Engraving, Marking, Cutting, and UV Flatbed Printing on various materials, creating high-quality custom products for your business.

We pride ourselves in sourcing raw materials made in the USA (some exceptions apply), with all production in North Carolina.

Our large format CO2 Laser allows jobs of up to 40 inches in width and lengths of 28 feet; our flatbed printer can handle jobs up to 50 inches wide by 98 inches in length and rolled materials up to 88 inches wide any length. We also utilize a 100 watt MOPA-Fiber Galvo Laser for engraving and marking all metals, ceramics, and specialized materials.

We specialize in producing that one-of-a-kind custom item and volume production of hundreds of pieces per day for the wholesale market.

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